5 to try: Cannon's burgers

Sink your teeth into one of these bad boys

Cannon’s has been serving up burgers in Beijing for over a year now, but has just opened a new joint on Xingfucun Zhong Lu, one great leap away from another burger vendor who shall not be named. There are 15 all-American buns of fun to get your teeth into; we back these as the best.



This is a straight-up bacon cheeseburger with a twist: coleslaw spiked with classic Chinese Lao Gan Ma sauce. You can taste the chilli here but it’s by no means a spicy choice – rather, it offers a pungent crunch, which makes for a more balanced bite than some of the other boorishly beefy options. 37RMB.

Carolina Pulled Pork

rszCarolina Pulled Pork 1

The strands of meat here are surprisingly lean for your typical pulled pork offering, and the pairing of a homemade Carolina Gold BBQ sauce provides a tangy, mustardy hit that compliments the smokey pork
well. If it’s a sleazy sesh you’re after, go elsewhere, but Mr Carolina is your man for hitting the burger spot without the risk of a subsequent food coma. 44RMB.

The Cannonator

rszCannonator 2

The eponymous burger delivers in both flavour and height. Two beef patties, a fried egg, a rasher of bacon, fried onion and mushrooms, not forgetting the melting slices of diner cheese, make for a notably rich nosh, even amongst its greasy brethren. A hint of mustard just about makes its voice heard, but the sheer mass of meat in this squishy shotput means death by Cannonator is definitely more of a smother than a punch. 59RMB.

Pimento Cheese Fried Chicken

rszPimento Cheese Fried Chicken 1

For those uninitiated to the world of Deep South dining, pimento cheese is a popular spread made from cheese, mayo and pimento peppers. A classic sandwich filling comes into its own with a whopper of sweet tea-brined fried chicken, which is only marginally less greasy than the red meat options, battered as it is in a delightfully crunchy shell. A healthy helping of creamy coleslaw rounds off the fun; a luscious, contrapuntal companion to the dirty bird. 42RMB.

Guac n Bleu

rszGuac n Bleu 2

Another double-decker, the Guac n Bleu is perhaps the health-conscious modern diner’s choice – it has avocado, after all. Backing it up are the antioxidant-rich lettuce and tomato, which we hear are the latest new-wave superfoods. You’re also two-for-two on the beef and cheese counts, not to mention the tough slice of salty bacon, which is great for, um, gains. 55RMB.

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