The best Korean restaurants in Beijing

The best Beijing spots to grab a slice of Korean action

Korea is a land known for pickles, the most famous being kimchi and the other the North-South war situation. Recent news indicates that the latter may be on the way out, so we reckon there’s no better time to celebrate the former and all its culinary brethren. Have your pacifier of choice at the ready – things are about to get spicy.


Vons Chicken

This rowdy chicken and beer joint in Wangjing’s Kirin Place serves no fewer than six types of Korean fried chuck. Although plenty of the menu is suited to late-night munching and mirth, Vons is also a stalwart lunch option for nearby office workers. Aside from chicken, which starts at 85RMB a ...

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11 Futong Xi Dajie

Mawang Pork

Decked out with neon red devils, Mawang Pork is a buzzing place to get down to some serious BBQ action. The décor seems designed to bring out your inner carnivore and it’s just as well, seeing as Mawang Pork specialises in all things porcine. Main meals include pork trotters, pork shoulders, ...

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Futong Xi Dajie

Pork Fusion Restaurant

This friendly barbecue joint opens proceedings with one of the most generous arrays of banchan, assorted pickles, in town. The ensuing grill sesh is pretty basic, and all the better for it, as the meat of your choice is chopped onto the wide tabletop burner, with commanding waiters happy to ...

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4 Wangjing Xiyuan Wangjing Jie

Mei Dou Bo

Although in a rather grey and grisly shopping mall in a quiet corner of Wangjing, this popular barbecue restaurant manages to establish a warm atmosphere, not least because of the roaring coal burners that are sat on each table. The range of cuts is impressive, with items such as ‘snowflake ...

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6 Huguang Zhong Jie



A fixture of Beijing’s dining scene for almost a decade, chef Andrew Ahn (formerly of Sanlitun's One Pot) made his return this past August with the opening of Maru, a modern Korean concept located in Shuangjing’s Hopson One. For those previously familiar with One Pot, Maru instead sees Ahn ...

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Guangqu Lu (Shuangjing, --select--)


Pia Barbecue

Popular with nearby office workers in Liangmaqiao, Pia is primarily a barbecue joint but serves a good offering of other Korean classics as well, such as cold noodles (28RMB). The vast metal bowl of chilled buckwheat noodles in a sweet soy broth, topped with slices of beef and a boiled egg, is ...

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45 Xinyuan Jie


All Kill

We’re not sure about the rather hostile choice of restaurant name, but we are sure that this popular student hangout serves up a mean beer-and-bites offering. Located in the basement of the Tsinghua Tongfang Technology Plaza, you’d be forgiven for thinking that all that All Kill kills is ...

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33 Wangzhuang Lu (Chaoyang, --select--)

Mingdongbang (明洞邦韩国料理)

Another great Korean option – though frankly, it's Wudaokou and there are plenty of great Korean options – Mingdongbang serves up the sort of comforting, high-cal bites you want to gorge on when you've had a bit too much. Drunk food, in other words. Find dishes such as Korean fried chicken, ...

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27 Chengfu Lu (Wudaokou, Haidian)


Saveurs de Corée (韩香馆)

Don't be fooled by this cosy bistro's French name, the food here is resolutely Korean, with a menu that includes bibimbap and kimchi pancakes. The star of the show, however, is the bulgogi (79RMB), which features finely sliced rib steak stir-fried to tender, juicy, light perfection, and served with a generous side dollop of gochujang.

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22 Dongzhimen Bei Xiaojie (Miyun county)

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