Where to buy your festive stash this Christmas in Beijing

Deck the halls with Christmas trees, decorations and more

The festive season is upon us and that means it's time to do some shopping. Below are the best IRL Christmas shopping destinations in Beijing, but if you're hitting up Taobao, this is the vocab you'll need:

圣诞节装饰 shengdanjie zhuangshi
Christmas decorations

(真的) 圣诞树 (zhende) shengdan shu
(Real) Christmas tree

彩条拉话 caitiao lahua

圣诞球 shengdan qiu

LED 串灯 LED chuan deng
LED string lights

圣诞花环 shengdan hua huan
Christmas wreath

Liangma Flower Market (亮马花卉市场)

It feels like this smaller market may be crawling towards its climax, but it’s still stocking the goods for Christmas 2017. Real trees (largely domestic) of all sizes are stationed out in the car park to the right as you enter, while the second floor stocks artificial trees and all manner of lighting, tinsel, baubles and nativity figurines. As a rough guide, prices of real trees range from 200RMB (50cm) to 850RMB (2.3m), on to 8,000RMB for a 4.5-metre tree.

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8 Dongsanhuan Beilu (Chaoyang, Chaoyang)

Laitai Flower Market

Laitai’s mighty flora fest is a reliable stop for a Christmas conifer; the genuine ones – both domestic spruces and North American imports – can be found throughout, though Liu Gang’s stand at the bottom of aisle five is a quick go-to as you enter. Stalls at the rear sell artificial trees and various decorations. Prices are similar to Liangma’s.

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9 Maizidian Xi Lu

IKEA (宜家家具)

Your Swedish friends bring some Kristmås konvenience to Beijing: the furnishing megamart has seasonal stock stationed just before the tills on its bottom floor, including wrapping paper, lighting fixtures, baubles, wreaths and more. Artificial trees, named Fejka, range from 199RMB (155cm) to 599RMB (200cm), with small potted options also available online and in-store. 

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59 Futong Dong Lu (Changping)

666 Flower

Ignoring the numeric nod to Satan at this supposedly holy time, this petite flower garden is another good stop for a genuine tree, just outside the CBD. Stock can be limited, but they process orders quickly.

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44A Guanghua Lu

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