Beijing's international supermarkets

We rate the international and import supermarkets and grocery stores in Beiing

There are plenty of places to pick up international nibbles with your food shopping, but which one is right for you. Time Out rate the international and import supermarkets and grocery stores in Beijing to help you make the weekly shop easier
Although a much smaller outlet than many of the other imported goods supermarkets, April Gourmet offers a large range of products, with friendly staff and a fresh bread section. The Xingfucun outlet is located near expat favourites The Big Smoke, Back Alley Bistro and Frost, for post-shopping treats.

If you love boxes of crunchy goodness, this place isn’t ideal, with only around 30 varieties including Kellogg’s, Carman’s and Post.
Price of Cheerios No Nestlé products; Post Good Morenings (510g) cost 39.50RMB.
Price of basic muesli (1kg) 46RMB

A decent enough selection: two peanut butters, three chocolate spreads, five jams, six honeys; brands include Bonne Maman, St Dalfour, Jif and Skippy.
Price of Nutella (350g) 38RMB

Three rums, nine whiskeys, four vodkas, two gins. You’ll find Bombay Sapphire, Absolut, Finlandia, Captain Morgan’s, Jameson and more.
Price of Jack Daniels (75cl)175RMB

There are around 30 varieties on offer, including Parmesan, Mozzarella, Camembert, goat’s cheese, Danish blue, fresh feta, Babybel and Laughing Cow.
Price of Cheddar (200g)17.60RMB

A slender range, including Italian and Hungarian salami, prosciutto and Parma ham, is available.
Price of ham (500g) 29.50RMB


BHG (Beijing Hualian Group) is one of the largest retail companies in China, owning a range of supermarkets, department stores and commercial property. Found in the Taikoo Li South basement, this branch offers a wide range of high-end imported products, an immaculately clean environment, its own ATM and helpful staff

There’s a limited range of around 30 varieties, such as Kellogg’s, Quaker, Nestlé, Schneekoppe and Hahne.
Price of Cheerios (375g) 26RMB
Price of basic muesli (1kg) 55.50RMB

Eight jams, three chocolate spreads and six honeys are available; brands include Bonne Maman and St Dalfour.
Price of Nutella (400g) 25.70RMB

A very respectable collection of eight whiskeys, three gins, three tequilas, seven vodkas and one rum, with Smirnoff, Grey Goose, Tanqueray, Ballantine’s and Malibu on offer.
Price of Jack Daniels (75cl) 205RMB

BMG has around 25 varieties on shelves and in the deli, including mozzarella, feta and Edam.
Price of Cheddar (200g) 32RMB

Plenty! Whole chickens and chicken meat, beef mince, steaks, pork chops, pork steaks and more; brands include Casa Modena (China), Hormel and Yurun (China).
Price of ham (500g) 54.50RMB

BHG Market Place SLG00, The Village, 19 Sanlitun Lu. See full address details

The French equivalent of Walmart has a whopping 18 locations in Beijing, and is stocked with a mix of international and domestic brands. The Wangjing branch features large produce and meat sections, and shelves upon shelves of dry foods. It’s big enough to get lost in, but staff members stationed at almost every aisle will help you find what you need.

Post, Kellogg’s and Nestlé are some of the brands making up the 50 or so varieties available at Carrefour.
Price of Cheerios (300g) 23.90RMB
Price of basic muesli (1kg) 39.90RMB

Two peanut butters, four chocolate spreads and seven jams are on offer. Brands: St Dalfour, Hero and Skippy.
Price of Nutella (400g) 38RMB

A good line if you like a drop of the hard stuff: the nine vodkas, nine whiskeys and seven rums include Absolut, Bacardi and Johnnie Walker.
Price of Jack Daniels (75cl) Presentation box version 236RMB.

There are well over 50 varieties, as you might expect from a French mart: Gouda, mascarpone, Cheddar, blue cheese, feta, Swiss, brie and more.
Price of cheddar (200g) 27.70RMB

A wide range: ham, bacon, all types of sausage, all cuts of beef, pork and chicken, plus Hormel-brand meat.
Price of ham (135g) 8.80RMB

(Pictured above) This Shanghai-based chain first opened in Beijing five years ago, and its latest branch is in the basement of the swanky Parkview Green mall. With high-quality goods and a clean and spacious shopping venue, City Shop does Parkview Green proud.

Cereal killers will revel in the 70-plus varieties. Brands: Kellogg’s, Sanitarium, Jordans and Quaker.
Price of Cheerios (375g) 85RMB
Price of basic muesli (1kg) 36RMB

Jif, Peter Pan, Skippy, Smucker’s, Welch’s and even Mövenpick comprise some of the six peanut butters and 12 jams available here.
Price of Nutella (400g) 58RMB

If you’re planning a party you could do worse: ten vodkas, four rums and ten whiskeys are available, with Glenfiddich, Skyy, J&B and Havana Club among the highlights.
Price of Jack Daniels (75cl) 270RMB

Like Carrefour, City Shop triumphs, with over 50 varieties and brands, such as blue cheese, goat’s cheese, Roquefort, parmesan, mozzarella, and even Philadelphia spread.
Price of cheddar (200g) 30RMB

Good news for healthy eaters: organic and grain-fed ground beef is on offer, as are various steaks and ribs, plus prosciutto, smoked ham, and three kinds of salami. Brands: Casa Modena (Chinese) and Hormel.
Price of ham (500g) 100RMB


Jenny Lou’s began in 1989, when Wang ‘Jenny’ Jianping and husband Lu Xudong started a small goods stall. Since then it has become a thriving chain synonymous with expat shopping for thousands of Beijingers. The Ritan Park branch is petite but well-stocked, with a large number of international brands.

An entire side of an aisle is dedicated to cereal, with around 65 varieties including Alpen, Jason, Post, Kellogg’s, and Köln.
Price of Cheerios (375g) 65RMB
Price of basic muesli (1kg) 41RMB

Three peanut butters, three chocolate spreads and a whopping 14 jams, including Skippy, Jif, St Dalefour, Sweetlife and Smucker’s.
Price of Nutella (400g) 52RMB

Finlandia, Grey Goose, Dewar’s, Johnny Walker’s and Jameson are among the eight vodkas, nine whiskeys and four rums.
Price of Jack Daniels (75cl) 198RMB

The rangeAround 70, with notable varieties and brands including blue cheese, feta, gorgonzola, Marbier, mozzarella, cottage cheese, President, Emborg and Babybel.
Price of cheddar (200g) 34RMB

A carnivore’s dream! Pork of all kinds, including sausages and steak, beef steaks, a wide selection of world sausages and more; brands include Hormel, Itoham and Palcarsa.
Price of ham (500g) 100RMB


Opened by the sister of Wang Jianping (see ‘Jenny Lou’s’), Jenny Wang’s is unaffiliated with Jenny Lou’s but runs a very similar operation. Sharing a strip mall with a Starbucks and Gung Ho! Pizza, the Lido location is small but stuffed full of hard-to-find brands.

The big one: there’s an incredible 95 varieties of cereal on offer; notable brands include Post, General Mills and Kellogg’s.
Price of Cheerios (Honey Nut, 347g) 53.90RMB
Price of basic muesli (500g) 74.90RMB

More jam than a Paul Weller lookalike party: over 20 of them, plus six chocolate spreads, 13 peanut butters and over 20 jams. Brands include Bonne Maman and Skippy.
Price of Nutella (800g) 57.90RMB

Party animals will enjoy the 23 vodkas on sale, joined by 12 whiskeys and nine rums, including Smirnoff, Skyy, Jameson and Jim Beam.
Price of Jack Daniels (75cl) 188.90RMB

Mini Babybel and Laughing Cow spread may be good for packed lunches; the rest of the 30-ish varieties of cheese include gouda, cheddar, mozzarella, Swiss, Brie and goat’s cheese.
Price of cheddar (200g) 17RMB

As well as 50 kinds of sausage, there’s turkey, prosciutto, beef and pork tenderloin and more. Brands: Hormel and Casa Modena (China).
Price of ham (500g) 50RMB


Located in the basement of Ginza Mall, Ole is reasonably stocked and clean, with a large bakery section selling fresh bread, mini pizzas and cakes, and an area for household goods and cosmetic products.

Just ten varieties; brands include Kellogg’s, Quaker and Jason.
Price of Cheerios No Nestlé products; Tilo’s Q-Rax (375g) 42RMB
Price of basic muesli (1kg) 63RMB

Eleven jams and six honeys, with Mackays and St Dalfour as brands.
Price of Nutella No choc spreads.

Gordon’s, Absolut and Ballantine’s make up some of the eight whiskeys, two vodkas, one gin and one rum.
Price of Jack Daniels (75cl) 190RMB

Around 15 varieties, including Camembert and Edam.
Price of Cheddar (200g) 23.50RMB

A reasonable range of salamis, hams and beef steaks; packaged brands include Yurun Lyoner and Hormel.
Price of ham (500g) 24RMB
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