5 fizzy Beijing cocktails to try

Five sparkling wine cocktails for your bubbly days

The Classic Bellini

The Classic Bellini

With plush armchairs upholstered in creamy leather, Champagne Bar is as opulent as its name suggests.With floor-to-ceiling wine fridges displaying an impressive selection of vintages, ranging from the iconic to the absurd, and a view of the Fairmont’s lobby chandelier(reputedly worth 1.5 million USD),Champagne Bar may indeed be the perfect setting for, well, champagne.

Although a host of expertly mixed tipples are available, environs as grand and as elegant as these can only be matched by The Classic Bellini (218RMB plus 15 percent service charge). Velvety smooth,freshly imported white peaches add a pleasing thickness to a BisolDOCG prosecco and peach Absolut vodka. The sweet fruitiness of the peaches and the effervescence of the wine make for a refreshing treat, perfect any time of day.

Champagne Bar Second Floor,Fairmont Beijing, 8 Yongan Dongli,Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyangdistrict (8511 7777). See full address details

Open 6pm-1amTue-Sat.

The Elegance

The Elegance

With hefty price tags and choice ingredients, champagne cocktails are meant to be an expression of good taste and sophistication – two things Centro does best.

Although Centro’s talented barmen are just as happy to whip up something off-menu, The Elegance(108RMB) is a perfect summary of the open-all-hours hotel bar– a dignified and classy exterior hiding a bit of a wild child. Tangy Midori melon liqueur and Absolut vodka lay the foundation for a top up of Pierre Jouet Grand Brut, making for a sour-yet-mellow bubbly concoction with the perfect amount of spunk to keep you going all night.

Centro First Floor, Kerry Hotel, 1 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang district(6561 8833). See full address details

Open 24 hours daily.

The Spanish 95

The Spanish 95

Maybe it’s the bubbles or maybe it’s the feminine connotations, but rich, full-bodied champagne cocktails with the dark booziness of a brown liquor are about as rare as an uncorked bottle of bubbly at a free-flow champagne brunch.

The old-school master mixologists at Cicada have remedied this disparity with a sultry blend of brandy, bitters and sweet cherry.The Spanish 95 (78RMB) is anIberian take on the classic French75. Freixenet cava supplies the bubbles while smoky-sweet Spanish brandy, cherry syrup and Angostura bitters mix for a luxurious and dark finish. 

Although we can’t exactly picture John Wayne downing a flute,it’s a deliciously bold rendition of a traditionally light cocktail.

Cicada Ultra Lounge N4-33, ThirdFloor, Taikoo Li North, 11 SanlitunLu, Chaoyang district (6418 9898). See full address details

Open 6pm-2am daily.

The Sureno Spritz

The Sureno Spritz

Straight out of the fashion houses of Milan, Mediterranean restaurant Sureño’s take on the classic spritz is stylishly understated. This bubbly number has a savoury dimension provided by homemade rosemary syrup.Lightly accented with a fresh, woody complexity, the herbal rosemary favours of the Sureño Spritz(80RMB plus 15 percent service charge) are complemented by the bitter-sweetness of a healthy Campari base.

Served over ice and topped with light Bisol Jieo prosecco, this spritzer is as cool and crisp as a tailored Italian suit – with a sprig of rosemary in the lapel. 

The Opposite House11 Sanlitun Lu, Taikoo Li North,Chaoyang district (6410 5240). See full address details

Open midday-2.30pm, 6-10.30pm Mon-Fri, 6pm-10.30pm Sat, midday-10.30pm Sun.

The Van Gogh

The Van Gogh

Like all artists, this guy is complicated. In homage to the Dutch impressionist’s penchant for the green fairy, The van Gogh (120RMB plus 15percent service charge) combines a sugar cube soaked with absinthe along with jasmine liqueur and a capping of Piper-Heidsieck Brut.

Floral and boozy, the strength of the absinthe is tempered by the sugar and liqueur so that the licorice qualities are fully expressed. A sprig of fresh thyme adds a highly aromatic finishing touch.No amount of van Goghs is likely to send you crazy enough to lop off an ear, but imbibe with caution– this fizzy drink packs a serious punch.

Temple Restaurant Beijing 23 Shatan Beijie, Dongchengdistrict (8400 2232). See full address details

Open 11.30am-2.30pm Mon-Fri, 6pm-10pm Mon-Sat, brunch 10.30am-3pm Sat-Sun.