Crab Island

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Photo: Toby
1 Xiedao Lu
Crab Island is a curious out-of-town resort known for its fake beach (and for hosting this year’s INTRO music festival). But there’s an amusement park, too, with 17 rides. From a swinging pirate ship and a splash-tastic water flume for kids, to a sprinkling of more aggressive options for grown-ups – such as an 880m-long coaster, and a spinning disc of death, a la Happy Valley’s ‘Apollo Wheel’ – it’s got all your basics covered. We mistakenly mistimed our visit with Children’s Day in China, so there were hordes of kids scampering around (no queues for the Crab Island's scarier rides, though).

Whether that’s the norm is hard to say, although it might be for the best – Crab Island could feel a little sad were you to find it deserted. Still, for just 88RMB to try every single one of its rides, and with very little waiting involved, this is a frugal funster’s dream – just don’t expect any glamour.
Best ride The flying chairs don’t look too menacing, but will test your nerve when it comes to heights.
Top tip Despite a faux German beer hall and a Mongolian eatery with ersatz gers– both housed in ugly hangars – food is limited. Take your own.
Cost 88RMB to try all 17 rides once. You can forgo two rides in exchange for a repeat on one of the better ones. Entrance is free and you have the option to pay per ride. The main coaster is 60RMB, though, so it’s worth getting the full ticket.
How to get there From Taiyanggong on Line 10, the nearest subway, take a taxi – around 35RMB and 20 minutes.

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Venue name: Crab Island
Opening hours: 9am-9pm daily
English address: 1 Xiedao Lu, Chaoyang district
Chinese address: 朝阳区蟹岛路1号
  • 4 out of 5 stars