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Photo: Dandy Room
63 Xinyuan Jie
Hidden, sartorially inspired bar on Xinyuan Jie

Nestled behind a big façade that houses an affiliated bespoke menswear shop, Dandy Room is a sophisticated cocktail bar that offers something different on the not-so-quiet street that Great Leap Brewing also resides on.

Black Tie
Black tie

Its glass door entrance is easy to spot, and upon entering the bar, its dark, seductive interiors make for an intimate cocktail experience. The main bar area is flanked by an extensive bar counter that seats eight on one side, and a long soft sofa bench on the other, coupled with a row of tables in the middle and two semi-private tables in the mix. Upstairs are three well furnished private room, all tastefully outfitted, with the largest offering a private karaoke experience for an extra kick of fun in the evening.

Behind the bar is Jerry Xin, previously from D lounge. His drinks are all named after men’s fashion wear. Of course. Start with pinstripe (138RMB) a light and refreshing Monkey 47 Gin and tonic base with subtle thyme and citrusy blackberry fruit accents.

Smart Casual
Smart casual

The smart casual (100RMB) cuts a cool figure at the bar, served in a highball glass and wrapped in an eye-catching aquamarine cloth. It’s an expertly threaded mix of Havana Rum, milky oolong tea and lime. The result is a rich, milky base balanced with a hint of tangy citrus.

Like the fabric it’s named after, the seersucker (100 RMB), most comfortably inhabits temperate climates with a sweet blend of Campari, vermouth and soda as well as tropical staples of banana, coconut, and garnished with fragrant pandan leaves. Once again, looks matter as the drink is invitingly festooned with a seersucker bow around its slim glass.

Navy Blazer
Navy blazer

If you look to get your buzz quickly, order the navy-strength navy blazer (110 RMB). Its a mix of high proof gin subtly underscored with basil, cocoa, lemon and sugar. Drink this potent grog slowly as your hands clasp the Collins glass comfortably wrapped with quality suit fabric adorned with a single breasted column of brass buttons.

A natural partnership of gentlemanly pursuits frames Dandy Room neatly between its offerings of both menswear and strong drinks. Dandy Room seeks to create a designer product using a keen eye and thoughtful execution and the result is a well-appointed experience.

By Joni Taylor
Venue name: Dandy Room
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 7pm-2am, Sat-Sun 7pm-3am
Mobile: 157 1008 2858
Metro: Liangmaqiao (Line 10)
English address: First Floor, Unit 103, 63 Xinyuan Jie, Chaoyang district
Chinese address: 朝阳区新源街63号1号楼底商
  • 4 out of 5 stars

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