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published on 28 Mar 2012
Cost On event nights, expect to pay 50-100RMB. It’s often free before midnight. Drinks around 40RMB.

Drinks Nothing to write home about, but does your mum care anyway? For the price, they’ll suffice. Stick to the standard mixers and you’ll head to the bar again and again.

Music Easily the best on Gongti West. Better residents and more international artists, with up to two rooms of tunes. The key difference is this: the owners see music as more than simply a means to keep people shelling out for overpriced cocktails. Associated with DOT Records, Lantern bumps techno most nights, but has been adding more flavours all the time. The West Coast hip-hop night and house-heavy BLEND parties are Time Out favourites.

Crowd Infinitely less obnoxious than neighbouring clubs, but thinner – and we don’t mean in the waistline. You’ve certainly got room to move. On quiet nights, probably too much. Rather than high-tailing it for somewhere more happening, stick around and brush up on your breakdancing. We promise not to post pictures on our website for all the world to see.

Worth it? Underground perfection – when they’re throwing an event.
Jared Cline


9pm-6:30am daily

Admission varies

Telephone 135 0134 8785

English address 100m north of the Workers' Stadium west gate, (in the basement behind Xuxianlou Restaurant) Chaoyang district

Chinese address 工体西门向北100米(许仙楼餐厅后侧地下)

Events at Lantern

Sat 19 Apr

Chart-topping duo Pig & Dan drop techno and tech house

Fri 25 Apr

DOT Records turns on with lots of techno and DOT swag.

Fri 25 Apr

Celebrate one year of electronic music from promoter DOT

Sat 26 Apr

Funky, garage, deep house and more as BB Deng joins forces with Oshi.

Wed 30 Apr

Octopus boss Sian tours his new techno album, 2 Meters Above Midnight.

Similar near Lantern

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Located within Lantern proper, Lantern box is a more intimate space

Gongti Dong Lu

Rubs elbows with Gongti's Vics club

Gongti Xi Lu

Gongti Xilu (north of the Workers’ Stadium west gate; south of Lantern)

A buzzing club that is pleasantly surprising given its location

A cavernous club with a VIP in-house karaoke section

Gongti Dong Lu

The interior of V+ Lounge is fantastic, all dark wooden tables and grand leather thrones.

Inside the Workers’ Stadium North Gate

The large sunken dancefloor is hopping till the wee hours

Gongti Xi Lu

This club has provided a sweat soaked sanctuary for Beijing’s alternative community for years.



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