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First published on 28 Mar 2012. Updated on 14 Feb 2015.
Easily the best music on Gongti West. Better residents and more international artists, with two rooms of tunes. The key difference is this: the owners see music as more than simply a means to keep people shelling out for overpriced cocktails. Lantern bumps techno most nights, but has been adding more flavours all the time.

The crowd is infinitely less obnoxious than neighbouring clubs, but thinner – and we don’t mean in the waistline. You’ve certainly got room to move. On quiet nights, probably too much. Lantern is underground perfection – when they’re throwing an event.
Jared Cline


9pm-6.30am daily

Telephone 135 0134 8785

English address 100m north of the Workers' Stadium west gate, (in the basement behind Xuxianlou Restaurant) Chaoyang district

Chinese address 工体西门向北100米(许仙楼餐厅后侧地下)

Events at Lantern

Sat 10 Oct

Homebase Electric features DJs Yang Bing, Juliana Lima, and Weng Weng down at Lantern

Fri 16 Oct

Beijing's godfather of techno, Mickey Zhang, presents his Holding party at Lantern

Sat 17 Oct

Join DJs Weng Weng, BB Deng and Huang WeiWei for the ultimate DJ battle at Ping Pong Disco

Fri 23 Oct

DJs OuYang and Eddie Lv host another 3+2 party at Lantern and this time bring Elvis T as their gu...

Sat 24 Oct

Lantern's Guest Business welcomes DJs Dio and Turkey's to the main room

Fri 30 Oct

The sixth part in the Konekt Asia Series welcomes RuiChih to the Gongti's techno haven

Sat 31 Oct

Lantern Club presents Spooked Halloween with DJs QQ, Juliana Lima, Eric Lee, BB Deng and Gee-E


Posted by : cocoapuff on 21/04/2015 23:56:19
star rating not showing,but i think it deserves zeroo
Posted by : cocoapuff on 21/04/2015 17:11:00
i have to agree with jacky, horrible place, not worth the time at all, shitty service, dated decore and i was there on an event this saturday,and eeven tho itwas an event, the music sucked so bad, ppl there must not have no taste at all....... i recommend u stay away, sucky place
Posted by : Owen Daniel (TimeOut Nightlife Editor) on 25/02/2015 22:00:10
Sorry to hear you had such a terrible time and I will be sure to feed it back to the management. The reasons we have given Lantern such a high rating is because on the vast majority of party nights, the atmosphere, music and crowd are fantastic. I hope you have a more positive experience next time around, and btw I'm not sure we mentioned it having great décor :)
Posted by : jacky on 22/02/2015 20:20:44
i m so doubt why the editor of timeout gived lantern this high score, a underground bar, located in the fringe of gongti,because of its musics,deco,or its service? the question mark lead me into this club,as a native freshman ,i m not the target client,so after few questions about djs to a bartender,i started to know it was not right spot for real music lover or dancer,that attitute from that guy was bizarre,first no respond,and stare into my eye,then moan about my words,ok,during the whole chat,i didnt lose my cool,but lost my mood for dancing.i really dont want to mention the decos,if u see some shitty 90 chinese movies ,u will find lots of similarity down this basement,thanks to one dj.without him i would storm out after that chat with bartender.i m proud of being a chinese,even some place deem them a foreign place in china.

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