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First published on 28 Mar 2012. Updated on 14 Feb 2015.
Easily the best music on Gongti West. Better residents and more international artists, with two rooms of tunes. The key difference is this: the owners see music as more than simply a means to keep people shelling out for overpriced cocktails. Lantern bumps techno most nights, but has been adding more flavours all the time.

The crowd is infinitely less obnoxious than neighbouring clubs, but thinner – and we don’t mean in the waistline. You’ve certainly got room to move. On quiet nights, probably too much. Lantern is underground perfection – when they’re throwing an event.
Jared Cline


9pm-6.30am daily

Telephone 135 0134 8785

English address 100m north of the Workers' Stadium west gate, (in the basement behind Xuxianlou Restaurant) Chaoyang district

Chinese address 工体西门向北100米(许仙楼餐厅后侧地下)

Events at Lantern

Fri 26 Aug

Back2Basics hosts Dutch techno producer Rob Hes

Sat 27 Aug

Berlin-based techno DJ kicks off for lairy party people Bye Bye Disco

Wed 14 Sep

Local disco party crew celebrates their eighth birthday


Posted by : Justine on 28/04/2016 17:55:39
Lantern is the best club in Beijing !!! I can understand that you could feel surprise at first because the concept, the music is a way different from other clubs in Beijing. But if you're looking for underground/ deep house music, Lantern is THE place to be !!!!! I had my best parties and memories there ! I <3 Lantern, I <3 Weng Weng
Posted by : pulser on 28/12/2015 16:50:37
Time for a good response:) I only had the chance to visit once , but when I did, the music was pumping choons techno beats all night long and it was sweet. I prefer the smaller room (red) to the dancefloor with lightshow, even though I spent the most time on the main dancefloor. But in the less crowded room I thought the music was more underground techno, deep bass kick you know the more minimal style which I love. You would think there would be more chinese people in this place but most guys were foreigners unfortunately.
Posted by : natasha arango on 19/12/2015 19:00:08
To the people complaining about Lantern-- they just dont understand good music. I could care less about the bartender and service, thats not what these places are about. If YOU ARE a real dancer, you simply just go to dance. I come from a huge underground scene in Brooklyn, ny, have been dancing with them for 10 years. I have been going to Lantern on and off for the past year and I think Lantern deserves 5 stars. I am BIG on underground music, without Lantern, BEIJING's night life is just another shitty one. If you dont like it here, quit complaining and go to Elements down the street or some other cheesy/upscale night club. The only 2 things I request is IF the djs could spin some Jungle, House & Breaks :D. Also calm down with the cigarettes, another reason why i stopped going out to dance.
Posted by : cocoapuff on 21/04/2015 23:56:19
star rating not showing,but i think it deserves zeroo
Posted by : cocoapuff on 21/04/2015 17:11:00
i have to agree with jacky, horrible place, not worth the time at all, shitty service, dated decore and i was there on an event this saturday,and eeven tho itwas an event, the music sucked so bad, ppl there must not have no taste at all....... i recommend u stay away, sucky place

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