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6 Gongti Xi Lu
Designed for rich people, by rich people, the crowd at Liv is dressed to impress with cash to flash. Think smug, middle-aged gentlemen, arms wrapped around the waists of model-material beauties, with a smattering of spoiled brats sporting threads worth more than your apartment and everything in it. We all know why you’re here. Just make it rain, already.

We heard from one of the DJs that the four tables at the club’s centre cost upwards of 200,000RMB. Cash in your life savings now. You’ve seen China’s elite munching on trays of elegantly carved fruit at a club, right? These big spenders had multi-tiered fruit trays. On the top platform of one, we spied a three-foot-high Statue of Liberty. We had half a mind to snatch her from the table and return her to her rightful place in New York Harbour.

Music here is more pop with electro and progressive house touches. Early in the night, you’ll find a débutante DJ atop a lofty platform at the centre of the bar. Don’t feel bad if you find yourself staring at her rear; look much higher and you’ll topple over backwards. The mixing is ace, but the tunes are too safe.

Drinks however, are some of best to be had on Gongti West. Cocktails (around 65RMB) are sweet, but not overbearing. The alcohol makes itself known. Service is snappy and the staff are cheery and professional.

The player piano in the foyer says it all: Liv is only for the very rich.
Venue name: LIV
Admission: FREE
Metro: Dongsishitiao
English address: 6 Gongti Xi Lu, Chaoyang district
Chinese address: 朝阳区工体西路6号
  • 4 out of 5 stars