Bull Terrier Beerpub

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Bull Terrier has branded glassware, proclaiming its establishment in 2014, but this operation is rough around the edges otherwise. The beers (35-40RMB) were overly yeasty. Sit at the bar and you’ll see into the kitchen, where forthcoming products bubble away in homebrew kettles. Instead of specialist refrigeration, kegs are kept in an ice cream fridge with taps welded to the side.
Venue name: Bull Terrier Beerpub
Opening hours: 2pm-12am daily
Mobile: 13910005194
Metro: Beijing Material University (Line 6)
English address: Ground floor next to Dengjiayao Market 300m west of Beijing Material University subway station exit A Tongzhou
Chinese address: 通州区物资学院地铁站A口向西300米(邓家窑市场)
  • 4 out of 5 stars