The Bridge Café (桥咖啡)

Chengfu Lu
The Bridge Café (桥咖啡)

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First published on 6 Sep 2012. Updated on 21 Oct 2015.

The hub of Wudaokou, and thus student central, The Bridge is where it’s at judging by the 24-7 crowds that flock here from nearby Peking University, Tsinghua and BLCU.

Hike up past the Lara shop and enter the first of its three floors. Here, smokers and non-smokers sit divided while a polyphony of English and other vocabularies crackle in the air. There’s a corner piano that’s rarely heard, as well as outdoor seating that boasts such precious sights as the Wudaokou light rail.

Mercifully there are other attractions to grab your attention, and the cafe’s simple food is the big draw here. Breakfast is possible at all hours, as is tucking into the sandwiches, muffins and decent sweets, including a slice of carrot cake that will bring a smile to your face.

There are postings for jobs, language tutors, rooms for rent and lots of couches to sit back and just chill on. Bottles of cheap wine make for a decent, civilised date, and if you want to pop out into the gardens of Huaqing Jiayuan’s large apartment complex for a good, cheap massage, it’s just around the corner.


24 hours daily

Telephone 8286 7026

English address Building 12, Huaqing jiayuan, 35 Chengfu Lu, (west of Wudaokou subway station, enter through the east gate entrance of Beijing Foreign Studies University), Haidian district

Chinese address 海淀区成府路35号华清嘉园12号楼


Posted by : Mingtian on 19/10/2015 21:48:06
As a coffee shop this place fails because wifi is very crummy. I have sat here for many hours through 2014-15 and the wifi is terrible. It will be too slow to use or fail to connect at all. For me personally, I'm not coming back because of the dishonesty or the owner (or staff). There is a giant poster offering a free drink for 5 books. When I turned in 5 books and received a coupon, I noticed later that it was for a discount of 10 RMB off an order of over 50 RMB. When asked for the right coupon, staff told me the offer was changed without notice and I wouldn't receive the offer I was entitled to. That did it for me. I'm not supporting a dishonest business.
Posted by : Rob cole on 18/09/2013 07:39:32
Completely disagree with the reviewers below and I thought I should make a rare comment in defence of this place. The food is very good, especially their breakfast, which is often my treat at weekends, and the wifi definitely WORKS. I know because I've sat there using it for hours on end. It's not fast so not great for watching videos, gaming, etc. but it's fine for general browsing/research.
Posted by : Eleanor on 07/01/2013 16:42:41
The food is of bad quality. The internet sucks (doesn't work in fact, as previous comments wrote). After midnight there is no smoke free zone. Just don't like it.
Posted by : Cool guy on 24/08/2012 22:27:58
This place does NOT have wifi. Got it? NO internet. (They claim to have one, but it"s simply doesn"t work.) Beware.

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