SUHU - Vegetarian Tiger

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88 Shuangqing Lu
One of a few Chinese vegan offerings in Wudaokou, this well-hidden restaurant serves up an extensive menu of mock meat dishes, among other things, that will test the limits of what you thought you knew about bean curd gastronomy. Black pepper spare ribs, curry-flavoured shengjian biao, salmon sashimi - the people behind the menu at SUHU are sorcerers of soy and gluten. To really see what the kitchen’s made of, order the whole fish, a painstakingly constructed dish of fish-shaped wheat gluten that’s wrapped in seaweed and laced with mushrooms and other cooked veggie bits, then doused in a thick hoisin sauce and topped with peanuts. So real yet so fake - it’s never tasted so good eating green.
CF Thomas
Venue name: SUHU - Vegetarian Tiger
Opening hours: 11am-9pm daily.
English address: 203 Southeast Huayuan Office Building 88 Shuangqing Lu Haidian district
Chinese address: 海淀区双清路88号华源写字楼东南侧2楼203号