Qin Tang Fu (秦唐府)

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69 Chaoyangmen Nan Xiaojie

The province’s terracotta warriors may get all the publicity, but we think the Shaanxi signature dish of roujiamo deserves fame too.

Most of Qin Tang Fu’s customers are here for the Shaanxi ‘hamburger’ – pork cooked in aromatic broth and served in unleavened bread.

A traditional stove is set by the entrance, producing a constant flow of hot loaves. Framed paper cuts are hung on the wall, handicrafts are dotted around, and there are woven baskets under the table to store your belongings while eating.

The low tables and chairs here reflect the lifestyle of Shaanxi folks, who are accustomed to squatting on low stools while slurping their noodles. And it’s not just the stools that are low: so are the prices.

Serving one of Beijing's best dishes!

Offering one of Beijing's best hot sandwiches

Venue name: Qin Tang Fu (秦唐府)
Opening hours: 9am-2.30pm, 5pm-10pm daily.
English address: 69 Chaoyangmen Nan Xiaojie Chaoyangmen,Chaoyang
Chinese address: 东城区朝阳门内南小街69号
  • 4 out of 5 stars