Xinjiang Crescent Moon Uighur Muslim Restaurant

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16 Dongsiliutiao

Crescent Moon has turned many mutton haters in to mutton lovers, simply by spicing up the meat with wonderful Uighur seasonings.

This is the best Xinjiang restaurant in the city. The classic repertoire includes roast leg of mutton; stewed mutton over nang (naan) in a rich, flavourful tomato sauce; delicious mutton-on-skewers, a wonderful pilaf rice; hand-pulled noodles and mutton-filled baked bread.

And thankfully this is one Xinjiang restaurant that does not have the standard music blaring, belly dancers jiggling or disco dancing on the dining tables.

The all-Xinjiang staff are charming in their embroidered outfits and headscarves and the restaurant’s location in the heart of Beijing’s old residential Dongsi area, adds to the appeal.

Venue name: Xinjiang Crescent Moon Uighur Muslim Restaurant
Opening hours: 10:30am-11pm daily
English address: (just off Dongzhimen Nan Xiaojie) 16 Dongsiliutiao Dongcheng district
Chinese address: 新疆弯弯月亮维吾尔穆 斯林餐厅, 东城区东四北大街六条16号