Guo Li Zhuang (锅里壮)

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34B Dongsishitiao

Guo Li Zhuang is known for its speciality in penis and testicles. Eating these is said to have medicinal benefits, being good for complexions and, of course, virility.

A 48-ingredient hot pot soup is what most folks try and has dog penis complete with bone (it’s the only animal member on the menu that has a bone) for 188RMB. For 1,288RMB you can have a sampler that includes the penises of water buffalo (not bad), lamb (scored to open like a flower), horse, dog, stag and yak testicles (a little hard to down), complete with a large red carved vegetable phallus. A dish of chili-doused water buffalo penis cross cut and scored to look like stars is cooked with Longjing tea leaves and is delicious.

Members are absolutely flavourless, a study in texture and vary among animals. Here, the prices are high and the variety is as broad as the preparation, with lamb being the most tender, almost gelatinous, and dog being the most fleshy and collagen-like. Interestingly, size doesn’t matter – the deer penis is the most potent.

Venue name: Guo Li Zhuang (锅里壮)
Opening hours: 5pm-9.30pm daily
English address: 34B Dongsishitiao, Dongcheng district
Chinese address: 东城区东四十条乙34-3号