Lu Rou Huo Shao (驴肉火烧)

Xiaohuangzhuang Lu
Lu Rou Huo Shao (驴肉火烧)

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published on 28 Jan 2011

Donkey was first eaten out of necessity and remains a favourite. This restaurant chain from Hejian, a Hebei province city famous for donkey, is popular all over China. The donkey meat here is hand-sliced to order before being sandwiched inside a crisp bing (a northern style flatbread) and served warm or at room temperature.

The order lingo is huo shao (4RMB), but add a side of broth (qing tang; 2RMB) for the ultimate soup and sandwich combo bargain. This is China’s answer to an Irish corned beef or a New York-style pastrami sandwich.


9am-10pm daily

English address 3 Xiaohuangzhuang Lu, Dongcheng district

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