Fujian Shaxian Snacks (沙县小吃)

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15 Qinghua Dong Lu
There’s an infinite number of little shops in which to eat in almost every neighbourhood in Beijing. But you’re more likely to get a big bang for your buck if you venture out west to university-land. Beyond the comfort zone, northeast of Wudaokou station, a different type of eating experience can be found, one that fits those on a tight budget like a good pair of shoes. This is where a couple from Shaxian in Fujian province earn their keep along a strip that leads to Qinghua University. There’s a twosided menu at Fujian Shaxian Snacks and you can spend a week trying the lot. But those of us who are sucked to the same magnet and return time and again for the comfort of a braised chicken leg with a flap of pressed tofu, and leafy greens on steamed rice are in for a real steal at 7RMB. There are other occasions when a dumpling that isn’t a Beijing-style dumpling does the trick. The willow leaf steamed dumplings (liuxie zhengjiao, 3.5RMB) here are pleated like pretty leaves. With ten in a basket, there’s just enough of them to make a snack or light meal. A nibble reveals the salient flavour of ground juicy pork and chives and a dip in vinegar does no harm. If you want more, a bowl of huntun tang (3-5RMB), comes as a storm of soft cloud-like wonton in a clear soothing broth that’s light, almost flavourless but for a wisp of sea from tiny krill and a few floating specks of black seaweed. These huntun have a springy bite and are fragrant and crisp. Judging from a peek inside, there’s nothing remarkable about this place, but the crowd that eat here regularly says otherwise. Maybe it’s location, maybe it’s the dumplings, most probably because it’s reliable and cheap. Whatever your reasons, don’t miss a chance at that chicken leg or a steamer of those dumplings. And if the weather isn’t so nice outside, you can still swallow some clouds. Lillian Chou
Venue name: Fujian Shaxian Snacks (沙县小吃)
Opening hours: 7am-11pm daily
English address: 15 Qinghua Dong Lu, Haidian district
Chinese address: 海淀区清华东路15号
  • 4 out of 5 stars