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10 Fensiting Hutong

We love the guys at Rager Pies for their awesome sweet treats, but with the opening of a new café and pie shop they’ve begun to offer savoury pies as well – here’s the scoop on the new offerings.

Chicken is a Colour

This is Rager Pies’ take on perhaps the most classic of savoury pies. Chicken is indeed a colour, a delicious colour. This is pure comfort food in pie form, with juicy bites of chicken, bright veggies and a buttery crust that fakes wonderfully under the fork.

The crust is strong enough to hold up to the thick filling without being dry or hard, with a pleasing texture provided by the wholewheat and oats. 35RMB for four-inch; 70RMB for six-inch; 140RMB for nine-inch.

Empie儿 Pie

Empie-er, get it? If the only way you can eat your veggies is if they’re fried or drenched in cream, this one’s for you. Covered in mozzarella browned in the oven to a golden hue, you could hardly expect a healthy serving of spinach and white-meat chicken lurks beneath The smooth texture of the greens, the moist chicken and stringy cheese go down well with the signature wholewheat crust. 35RMB; 70RMB; 140RMB.

Lamburger Pie

Cleverness aside, why aren’t there more lamb burgers in the world? This pie capitalises on our love of spiced lamb and mash potatoes. Brits and their acolytes around the world – who blasphemously prefer the savoury pie to sweet – will revel in the happy marriage of ground lamb, mushrooms, onions, gravy and mash. 40RMB; 75RMB; 150RMB.

Breakfast Quiche

Most days, we struggle to eat breakfast. Between the hassle of getting to work and our caffeine addiction, who has the time? A slice of this egg, cheese and sausage confection will have you setting your alarm an hour earlier just to wake with enough time to properly enjoy its amalgam of fluffy egg and sweet, nutty parmesan. The rocket on top adds a nice pepperiness and illusion of healthiness that helps kick-start even the slowest of mornings. 30RMB; add coffee for 15RMB.

Venue name: Rager Pies
Opening hours: 7am-9pm Tue-Sun
English address: 10 Fensiting Hutong, Dongcheng district
Chinese address: 东城区分司厅胡同10号
  • 4 out of 5 stars