Black Sesame

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13 Heizhima Hutong
Black Sesame is a new project space for art, design and sensory experiences located in the courtyard at Heizhima hutong 13. IFP has teamed up with visual anthropology studio Here & Now (Adel Andalibi) and furniture concept WAM/万物 to transform the former boiler room into an open-ended space dedicated to exploring the limitations and possibilities of our human senses. Offering itself as a spatial platform for creativity open to IFP residents and the local community, Black Sesame will be a venue for high-quality projects, interventions and workshops
Venue name: Black Sesame
Opening hours: Times by event
English address: 13, Heizhima Hutong, Dongcheng district
Chinese address: 东城区黑芝麻胡同13号
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