Inner Peace TCM Clinic

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8 Guanghua Dongli
If you’ve been hankering to test out some TCM treatments, but put off by the rumours of peeling wallpaper and grimy bathtubs at some of Beijing’s older haunts, Inner Peace Clinic is the answer to your troubles.

A step up from your run-of-the-mill TCM spot, Inner Peace Clinic looks more like a luxury spa. Tucked away on the seventh floor of Overseas Plaza, it’s modern and clean with Chinese aesthetics, winding corridors and friendly staff handing out monk fruit and lily-turf herbal tea at every corner. The clinic is designed to be space for guests to escape daily life stresses and offers a wide range of TCM treatments aimed at helping patients relax and heal.

As soon as we walk into the spacious reception, eager TCM nurses take our blood pressure to make sure we're fit for service. Passing the test with flying colours, we're fitted with hospital wristbands and whisked away for treatment. We take a dip in the Chinese medicine bath (280RMB for 20 minutes; 860RMB for an hour). The steaming hot tub of boiling Chinese medicine – although terrifyingly hot at first – leaves us feeling completely at peace and thawed the Beijing chill. The doctors inform us that the bath is especially good for women and helps improve blood circulation. After all, if a steaming hot TCM tub doesn’t get your blood flowing, nothing will.

Our next treatment is a full body massage with jasmine oil (480RMB for an hour), while the masseuse pummels away at our knotted muscles she gently points out our bodily flaws and chastises us for our terrible posture. But the massage isn’t just a chance to be constructively criticised, teasing out all the knots.

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On the long list of treatments, you'll find traditional therapies like cupping (180RMB per session) and acupuncture (399RMB for 20 minutes). TCM doctors are available for consultations if you have any queries or concerns and there is a dispensary on site.

The clinic’s list of treatments is only in Mandarin and English-speaking doctors and staff are limited – but if you don’t mind someone translating details of your bowel movements to the doctor then it shouldn’t be a problem.
Venue name: Inner Peace TCM Clinic
Opening hours: Open 9.30am-6.30pm daily (by appointment only)
English address: Seventh Floor, China Overseas Plaza, 8 Guanghua Dongli, Chaoyang district
Chinese address: 朝阳区光华东里 8号院中海广场北商业楼7层
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