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Happy woman with barbell from
No. 8 Zhongguancun Donglu

Compared to the Sanlitun branch, Wudaokou's Nirvana is much newer, with better machinery, two air filters, and it's far less cramped. The facilities aren’t ever too oversubscribed, even during peak hours. And it's only 5 minutes away from Wudaokou subway station, so you don't have to walk far after a gruelling work out.

Nirvana offers a wide a range of classes throughout the day (including many from Les Mills porfolio) and has an emphasis on yoga, with a specialist yoga studio.

A year long membership costs 3,312 RMB; 800RMB per month.

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Venue name: Nirvana Fitness
Opening hours: 8am-10pm daily
English address: B1 Dongsheng Dasha No. 8 Zhongguancun Donglu Haidian district
Chinese address: 青鸟健身: 海淀区中关村东路8号东升大厦B1层
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