Flash 蹦床乐园

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Photo: Flash Trampoline Park
Photo: Flash Trampoline Park
Dujia Cunnei, Xinghuyuan, Taihu Zhen
The 5,000sqm family-friendly centre offers a variety of activities to make the most of your trampoline excursion, including a basketball-trampoline, a sponge pool, a dodgeball section, a wall-climbing section and more.

Venue name: Flash 蹦床乐园
WeChat: Flash 蹦床乐园
Opening hours: 10am-8.30pm daily
Admission: 148RMB (3 hours) Mon-Fri;188RMB (3 hours) Sat-Sun
Metro: Changping line, Shahe station
English address: Dujia Cunnei, Xinghuyuan, Taihu Zhen, Tongzhou district
Chinese address: 通州区台湖镇星湖园度假村内
  • 4 out of 5 stars