Vangen Spa Hotel

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Daoli Renjia, Gubeikou Cun
Located at the foot of the Great Wall, this classy boutique hotel in the Miyun district offers a temporary respite from the hustle and bustle of Beijing by making you forget you're still in the capital. The minimalistic rooms are spacious and comfortable, giving you that holiday feel despite just being hours from the city.

There are a total of eight rooms of six different types to meet different needs, including for those with kids in tow. Each comes with its own private thermal pool, which means no worrying about sharing with strangers. Rooms come equipped with five-star hotel-grade beddings, Tea Tree toiletries, American Marshall Bluetooth speakers, an oil fragrance machine and an essential oil bath service. And when you've finally settled, soak yourselves in the warmth of the room's Japanese-style private bath as much as you want any time of the day.
Venue name: Vangen Spa Hotel
English address: Daoli Renjia, Gubeikou Cun, Miyun District
Chinese address: 密云区古北口村道里人家
  • 4 out of 5 stars