The Ritz-Carlton Financial Street

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1 Jingchengfang Dong Jie

The Ritz Carlton Beijing Financial Street made its debut in October 2006. Condoleezza Rice was the hotel’s first high-profile guest and the hotel’s location on the edge of 'Beijing's Wall Street' means she probably won’t be the last. A touch more modern than other hotels associated with the brand, the hotel aspires to be as Chinese as possible, with Oriental screens surrounding the lobby, a courtyard-shaped entrance and ‘lucky’ animals guarding the door of each room.

Rooms are simple, slick and equipped with most amenities, including a widescreen TV, DVD player, electronic blinds and internet connection, and the modern and elegant bathrooms feature a rather exciting selection of mini-Bulgari products. Each day the signature Ritz-Carlton high tea is served from 3 to 6pm, where a selection of traditional English treats are served by women in yellow qipaos.

Venue name: The Ritz-Carlton Financial Street
Opening hours: year-round
English address: 1 Jingchengfang Dong Jie, Xicheng district
Chinese address: 西城区金融街金城坊东街1号
  • 4 out of 5 stars


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1 Jinchengfang Dongjie (Xicheng, Xicheng)

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