VA Bar (Vanguard)

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Wudaoying Hutong

The single-room bar inside features a stage at the back, a bar running along one side of the venue, and plenty of comfortable sofas to relax on while listening to the music, all bathed in deep red lighting. While primarily a jazz venue, VA Bar features different bands almost every night of the week, showcasing the variety that Beijing has to offer.

With 20RMB Tsingtao, cocktails at around 40RMB, and a small but classy wine list, this intimate hutong hangout won’t break the bank, and works as a great after-dinner drinks venue. The volume of the band on stage fills the whole bar – unsurprising considering its size – so if conversation is your thing then maybe check out a different place.

If it’s the music that’s attracting you, expect to be quietly impressed – VA Bar doesn't featuring cheesy cover bands or crooning KTV egotists, but a selection of the city’s finest jazz musicians. A hutong jazz club already sounds self-consciously ‘cool’, but allay those fears and concentrate on soaking up the atmosphere, and VA Bar becomes a great venue.

By Ross Goulding

Venue name: VA Bar (Vanguard)
Opening hours: 2pm-late.
English address: 13 Wudaoying Hutong, Dongcheng district
Chinese address: 东城区五道营胡同13号