So Joy Bibimbap (CLOSED)

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Sanlitun Nan Lu (opposite Beer Mania)

This venue has closed.

This speedy street-side stop in Sanlitun doesn’t look like much, but the flavours pack a punch. A plate of eight crispy chicken wings in a gloopy sweet ’n’ spicy sauce will set you back a reasonable 48RMB, while a whole bibimbap (pictured, bottom right), sizzling hot and packed with veg and juicy beef, is an even more reasonable 20RMB. We love that the gochujang, fermented rice chilli sauce that’s ubiquitous in Korean cuisine, comes here in a diner-style dispenser that allows for a much more generous splodge than is usually permitted in polite company.
Venue name: So Joy Bibimbap (CLOSED)
Mobile: 133 1113 4870
English address: Sanlitun Nan Lu (opposite Beer Mania), Chaoyang district
Chinese address: 朝阳区南三里屯路 欧月酒吧对面