Soloist Coffee Co (Financial Street)

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3 Jingchengfang Jie

The winding, dusty alleyways of Dashilar seemed an unlikely spot for a high-end coffee house, but the original Soloist was only ever meant to be a pop-up serving caffeine-starved artists during Beijing Design Week. Two years later, it’s still going strong and has even given rise to a second location. This time, they’ve done things right from the very start.

The new location of Soloist serves seriously good coffee in concrete-chic environs. The team of baristas transcend the usual levels of java obsession and can crack the shell of even the most hardened skeptics of ‘third-wave’ coffee, the movement to produce and advocate artisanal brews. If you consider coffee merely a tool for the delivery of caffeine to ease the pain of your daily struggle for 7am consciousness, we suggest you venture over to the new Soloist for an education.


Sat within spacious multi-level confines flooded with natural light and peppered with accents of polished brass, cast iron and stained hardwood, Soloist is a coffee pilgrimage like no other. From the brewing station in the lofty space, even the humble latte (35RMB) exhibits a diversity of flavour and a rich depth that’s enough to justify the enthusiasm of third-wave advocates.

The ‘Steampunk 90+’ (35RMB) is worth a visit just to watch them make it. The machinery utilises an array of glass tubes and steel pistons to brew what might be the best cup of coffee technology is capable of producing. Move over, AlphaGo – this is the future of computation.


When time permits, a tasting flight of three pour-overs (120RMB) is the best way to let the friendly staff strut their stuff. Sat at one of the repurposed antique primary school desks, watching them feels like a free coffee tutorial, with a much smoother aftertaste, of course. All of Soloist’s beans are bought fresh and roasted in-house, which of course makes the menu unique. The offerings change regularly but varieties like Ethiopian Sidamo Lion King and Kenyan Gatugi inspire with complex aromas and lingering flavour profiles.

An expanded food menu at the new location completes the new Soloist’s new look. Temper your caffeine high with a toasted bagel, piled high with smoked salmon, or a chicken avacado panini (both 70RMB). Simply put, for serious coffee with personality there is no place like Soloist. Now if we can only get them to consider a branch in Chaoyang.

Venue name: Soloist Coffee Co (Financial Street)
Opening hours: Open 10am-10pm daily
English address: Second floor, 3 Jingchengfang Jie Xicheng district
Chinese address: 西城区金城坊街3号2层
  • 4 out of 5 stars