Booth's Cake

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6 Xingfuyicunqixiang
North of Gongti in what we’re now calling Beijing’s 'post-hutong alleyways', is a gargantuan cake and coffee shop whose neofuturistic design owes greatly to 2016 space drama Passengers. Booth Cake’s first floor houses the cakes – a clean and creamy selection that complements the overall galactic atmosphere – a few tables and the coffee machine. Upstairs is space for 40 more, though, unfortunately, it’s difficult to imagine much competition for seats. Our single-origin paper-drip coffee (45RMB) – 'zenme ban?!' cries the waiter when we order it; yikes – arrives with an unexplained and very firm macaroon, which, despite the gesture, is brand-damaging. Thankfully, the coffee is not; a light-but-complex brew whose notes mature gracefully as the cup cools.

Our quarter-moon cheesecake (20RMB) is a whipped Japanese-style mound with a vaguely textured film the only thing to distinguish it from cheese mousse – creamy and sweet, but several hot minutes short of the 'cake' we were chasing. Cute cake enthusiasts will be the key beneficiaries of a trip to Booth’s Cake, but if cake ain’t your cup of tea, the café’s cutting-edge Japanese butt-squirt toilets offer something of a discrete thrill.

Good for Cute cakes; solid coffee; Instagram.
Eat this Cake (from 20RMB).
Venue name: Booth's Cake
Opening hours: 10am-9pm Wed-Mon
English address: 6, Xingfuyicunqixiang, Chaoyang district
Chinese address: 幸福一村七巷幸福一寸西里甲六号
  • 4 out of 5 stars