Dahua Jianbing (大华煎饼)

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21 Beijianzi Xiang
Rated number one on Chinese app Dianping (and rightfully so), Dahua Jianbing is truly a cut above the rest. Located in a the Hutongs, this iconic jianbing place is situated within Youhui Wanjia Supermarket. Their signature double egg jianbing (8RMB) comes with your classic toppings like scallions, coriander and fermented bean sauce. If you’re feeling indulgent, their supreme combo jianbing (20RMB) is definitely worth a try. That’s the double egg jianbing plus cheese singles and bacon, talk about excessive.
Venue name: Dahua Jianbing (大华煎饼)
Opening hours: 6am-1pm daily
Mobile: 137 1788 6176
English address: Youhui Wanja Supermarket, 21 Beijianzi Xiang, Dongcheng district
Chinese address: 东城区 北剪子巷21号悠惠万家超市内 (北剪子巷与桃条胡同交叉路口)
  • 4 out of 5 stars