Da Xing Hutong Mian Cha 大兴胡同面茶

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Photo: Chong Yun Xin
7 Daxing Hutong
Be warned, this hot, thick and salty concoction is an acquired taste. Don't be misled by its name, which translates literally to 'noodle tea'. Far from it, Mian Cha is a thick porridge made from a combination of millet and rice flour, served with a savoury sesame peanut paste. Ditch the utensils and drink this straight out of the bowl as the Beijingers do. This popular local spot rates number 1 on Dianping (Chinese Yelp), and rightfully so. Best known for their handmade savoury peanut paste, tourists and locals alike flock to the hutongs just to have a taste of this popular Beijing breakfast bowl.
Venue name: Da Xing Hutong Mian Cha 大兴胡同面茶
Opening hours: Open 6am till noon daily
English address: 7 Daxing Hutong
Chinese address: 东城区大兴胡同7号
  • 4 out of 5 stars