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84 Xiang'er hutong

This sleek, design-focused space serves homestyle Dongbei (northeastern) cuisine — think dry tofu and spicy seafood salads — and cleaned-up chuan'r from the grill. A far cry from the greasy back-alley barbecues that we all know and love, here the grilled meat on sticks is complemented by a well-priced and well-curated wine list (30RMB per glass) and draught Jing A beer (40RMB).

Original review

We love the design here; we feel cooler just sitting in the hip digs. The menu boasts a decent wine list (30RMB per glass), yet the reverse sports dishes you’d expect from a greasy laminated sheet after one too many Yanjings, not a draught Jing A craft brew (40RMB); cold salads, peanuts in vinegar, noodles and… chuanr.

Things start out well with a spicy seafood salad (30RMB) and the cold beef with basil and coriander (40RMB) is even better. Chewy slices of beef get a lift from the fresh, herbaceous leaves. The noodles (28RMB) are less impressive; the broth lacks depth. A handful of coriander, chilli flakes or even a splash of vinegar wouldn’t go amiss. The wontons (28RMB) are much the same – the simple ingredients fail to go the distance.


In the chuanr department, the chicken wing skewers (12RMB) are tender and well-cooked, but lack anything that sets them apart from the nearby street stalls, while the lamb ones (6RMB) are flat-out dry and flavourless. Roasted veggies (pictured; 6RMB) are a highlight – the sweet peppers and caramelised onions are tender with a pleasing crunch.

White Tiger Village has the space, but the menu fails to live up to its impressive design.

Venue name: White Tiger Village
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 11am-2pm; 5-11.30pm
English address: 84 Xiang'er hutong, Dongcheng district
Chinese address: 东城区香饵胡同84号
  • 4 out of 5 stars

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