Yunnan Yao Yunnan Cai 云海肴云南菜 (Shine Hills)

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Photo: Yunnan Yao Yunnan Cai/WeChat
9 Antai Dajie, Bei qu
Popular Yunnan restaurant with branches dotted around the city, promising the best of Yunnan flavours to its customers. Its restaurants' interior are all designed with traditional Yunnan culture in mind, and at some of it branches, the wait staff are from Yunnan as well. They also have an online shop primarily selling products from Yunnan. For those coming with young children, the restaurant also provides kiddie bibs.

Venue name: Yunnan Yao Yunnan Cai 云海肴云南菜 (Shine Hills)
WeChat: bjyunhaiyao
English address: 201 Building 10, 9 Antai Dajie, Bei qu, Shunyi district
Chinese address: 顺义区中粮祥云小镇北区10号楼201
  • 4 out of 5 stars