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1 Ritan Lu
Located in the Russian stronghold by Ritan Park, Dacha’s immense premises, gift shop furniture, enormous dancefloor and stripper pole make it perhaps the most confusing Ukrainian-Russian eatery in Beijing. The menu here – a wooden-backed flip board that honestly weighs at least 2kg – is diverse, spanning a great many culinary traditions with items such as 'Italian meat plateau' (168RMB) and 'Seafood assorty' (278RMB). We plump for the intriguing duck and pumpkin baozi (three for 30RMB), which, accompanied by a gravy boat of sour cream, are a rich proposition at best. Indeed, they’re probably better suited to the inhospitable winters of deep Siberia, but are a playful and gut-warming take on the capital’s flagship fowl. In better news, the borscht (20RMB) here is gorgeous, and its modest-but-fair portion size will ensure you don’t over-dill yourself.

On our visit the ‘entertainment’ was on hiatus, taking some time out to learn a new ‘routine’, though we’re told it will be back later this month. Pro tip: like other Russian dairy products, Soviet sour cream is unbelievably rich. Go easy, comrades.
Venue name: Dacha
English address: Ritan Hotel, 1, Ritan Lu, Chaoyang district
  • 4 out of 5 stars