The Little Smoke (CLOSED)

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57 Xingfucun Zhong Lu
Hidden behind The Big Smoke, The Little Smoke has been quietly carving out a following of its own over the winter. Sanlitun and the neighbouring Xingfucun area have no shortage of bars and hangouts, but singling any place out for a quiet pint or laid-back bite can be a real challenge. Enter The Little Smoke, a little bar with the backing of a big restaurant that has a unique way of capitalising on both. The underling of popular American-style barbecue joint The Big Smoke, the offshoot offers a quieter, minisized take on a winning recipe.

Located past the second entrance to Lee World, the building that houses The Big Smoke, Little Smoke has played host to a few failed spinoffs before hitting its stride with the current rendition. The tiny space, with room for about ten revellers, opens out onto the street just like the big guy, but maintains a low-lit calm thanks largely to its capacity and off-beat locale. Eats come by way of classic American bar snacks (all 30RMB) with some distinct flourishes like the General’s Wings, succulent chicken wings slathered in sweet spicy sauce, and decent takes on greasy spoon specials like corndogs and fried mozzarella sticks.

With Jing A on tap (pints from 40RMB) from the in-house brewing operation and Moscow mules made with some pungent ginger-infused vodka (45RMB),this little spot has stepped out of the shadows and carved out a space in our Sanlitun watering hole regiment.
Venue name: The Little Smoke (CLOSED)
Opening hours: 11am to midnight Monday to Friday; 11am to 1am Saturday to Sunday
English address: Lee World 57 Xingfucun Zhong Lu Chaoyang district
Chinese address: 朝阳区幸福村中路57号楼利世楼

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