Markmeda (麦克美迪画材)

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Huajiadi Nan Jie
Long the training ground for some of the country’s finest contemporary artists, Beijing’s Central Academy of Fine Arts continues to cultivate talent. But what is an artist without materials? Luckily, just a short walk east of the academy is this subterranean art supply dungeon, and it is staggeringly good.

Markmeda has seemingly imported all the wares of every major art brand from every corner of the planet, with a comprehensive inventory of pencils, pastels, charcoals, brushes, watercolours, a mind-boggling array of oils and acrylics and more; onto the harder stuff, there are easels, paper and canvas of all shapes and sizes,
and even prefab Caesar busts. Any and every discipline is covered, with prices also remaining impressively cheap for imported goods. And if you don’t yet have a discipline, then you might say it’s inspiring – enough so to bring out the latent artist in anyone.
Venue name: Markmeda (麦克美迪画材)
Opening hours: 9am-8.30pm daily
English address: B1, Building 5, Huajiadi Nanli, Huajiadi Nan Jie, Chaoyang district
Chinese address: 朝阳区花家地南街花家地南里5号楼B1层
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  • 4 out of 5 stars


Tue 02 Jul
The most comprehensive art in Beijing....