Wukesong Camera Market (五棵松摄影器材城)

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Wukesong Lu
Wukesong Camera Market (五棵松摄影器材城)

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First published on 15 Aug 2011. Updated on 17 Apr 2014.
Why we love it This two-floor camera mecca is the place professionals go to update their SLRs or pick up specialist equipment, and second-hand is really the way to go here.

Check out The first floor is jam-packed with booths stocking all the big brands - Nikon, Canon, Sony et al, but those who remember it will know that Rolleiflex is the brand to be reckoned with. This revered company falls well into collectible status and older models are particularly sought after. Head to booths A-9 and 2 on the ground floor and you'll be looking at prices between 2,500 and 10,000RMB (based on age and condition) for a classic Rollei. For Nikon (or indeed Canon), try the 'Nifty Fifty', a fixed 50mm f/1.4 lens; its wide aperture is ideal for portraits and low-light conditions. We found one at booth A-20 for just 1,500RMB.

Don't forget It's important to note that lenses outlive camera bodies, where the technology is always changing. For second-hand lenses, we spotted a Canon 28-125mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM (with image stabiliser) at booth B-9 at the bargain rate of 2,450RMB.


9am-4.30pm daily

Telephone 8811 9797

Travel: Metro: Wukesong

English address 40 Wukesong Lu, Haidian district

Chinese address 海淀区五棵松路40号


Posted by : Paul Brock on 19/11/2012 10:44:46
I highly recommend checking out prices of equipment online before going to the market and then you will know what to pay and what not to pay. I use bandhphoto.com as one reference point and then also search taobao.com for another. If you go to the market with good knowledge you can get some good deals. For me comparing to north american prices I can save between 10% and 20% on most new gear. I have used the online reference prices to get the price at the market down to that level without much further negotiation (by showing them a printout from online). I often carry my iPad with me and look up prices while I am there.
Posted by : Alex on 20/10/2012 21:04:23
Definitely worth a trip there but there are very few prices on display on the lenses/cameras so it's a case of asking and they'll always give you a price higher than normal if you're a tourist! Well I certainly would being a salesman myself! ;) I saw a second hand kit lens Nikon 18-105mm VRII for 1380 RMB (£98). Also asked for a new Nikon fixed 50mm AF-S 1.4 price, which was 3200 RMB (£228). Roughly 10% cheaper than the UK.
Posted by : Alfo on 19/05/2012 23:28:51
19.05.2012 Very disappointing experience at this camera market ! No margin for negotiation and bargain, ?not interested sellers and often busy playing with the phone or watching TV. More of this, it is impossible to pay by credit card, even if you take in charge fees for doing so! With the best will to buy I could not do it, even paying prices higher than some dealer in my country .? Believe me, if you happen to go to HK or Singapore, ?spend there your money for a ?camera or a lens .? Bye
Posted by : David on 15/08/2011 16:07:01
Thanks Hans, I have changed the position on the map and I believe it is correct now.
Posted by : Hans Peter on 15/08/2011 15:29:09
First of all: Don"t follow the map above!! It might be difficult to find but especially difficult if you are giving the wrong directions (timeout!). In reality it isn"t hard to find. Go to wukesong station, take exit North East, walk straight north on the right hand side of the road (you have a big park on your right "Wukosong Athletics center"), pass jingouhe bridge and you will see it. Lot"s of pretty cameras, only slightly cheaper than the UK... not worth it. The place to go if you are in need though. Thanks,

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