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Copycats. Shoddy builds. Cheap and nasty. Chinese-designed and built products have a lot of nasty associations in the minds of many - and not, let's face it, without reason - but Bandit9 aims to leave those preconceptions in the dust with its range of gorgeous-looking custom and limited-edition motorbikes, based on Honda, Yamaha and Chang Jiang bases. The limited edition Nero II (pictured) is particularly rad, looking like a chunky, industrial beast that some badass from a futuristic industrial utopia might ride. Of course, you'll need some suitably awesome clothing to go with - can't jump on that one with your knackered old Feiyue trainers, that's for sure.

Shipping door-to-door around the world, the crew at Bandit9 offer a number of models, some limited to less than ten bikes, with customisation and modification options available. It's not cheap, but it sure beats another 100RMB knocked-off fixie from that shifty guy down the road...
Venue name: Bandit9
  • 4 out of 5 stars