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89 Baochao Hutong

This venue has closed.

It’s a monster mish-mash at this delightfully gruesome new store on Baochao Hutong. Local illustrator He Jin and his wife Xiao Qiu both love horror movies and monsters – especially of the zombie variety – so much so that they decided to open a space devoted to all things gory (and undead).

A cabinet houses a giant Nosferatu bust (7,000RMB), while Van Helsing statues are also on display. Goth girls and boys will ‘heart’ the Living Dead Dolls (2,200RMB), and a bookshelf features Dracula, The Walking Dead graphic novels and a variety of more teenage-style lit. We particularly like the illustrations by He. You can pick up his ‘sea monsters’ sixbookmark collection, including vampire mermaids and zombie pirates, for a mere 20RMB, and other framed items are available, ranging from 100 to 420RMB.

For something more silly than bloodthirsty, ‘scab’ plasters, bodypart ice-cube trays and heart-shaped jelly moulds start from 20RMB, while bugs, skulls and eyeball jewellery from Japan and the US range from 200 to 800RMB.

Some of Monster's fine products:

Venue name: Monster (CLOSED)
Opening hours: 1-8pm. Daily.
Mobile: 8408 3481
English address: 89 Baochao Hutong, Dongcheng district
Chinese address: 东城区宝钞胡同89号

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