National Tennis Center (国家网球中心)

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2 Lincui Lu
Facilities Though pretty far away from the heart of the city (North Fifth Ring Road), the National Tennis Center is an attractive destination. This science-fiction-esque building is where the pros come on their day off, but be warned, the courts are pretty scattered and it’s easy to get lost. Private coaches are available to hire (150RMB per hour). The changing rooms come with showers, but you do have to pay for the privilege.
The courts
All 17 outdoor hard courts are open to the public, from the practice courts to the professional-standard ones (albeit at a hefty cost) used for international matches. The surfaces are simply the best in the city since they were made for the Olympics, while the lighting is amazing, even late into the evening. Best of all, with its far-out location, there’s not that much demand and competition for slots.

One of Beijing's best tennis courts
Venue name: National Tennis Center (国家网球中心)
Opening hours: varies with events
English address: 2 Lincui Lu, Chaoyang district
Chinese address: 朝阳区林萃路2号
  • 4 out of 5 stars