Dongdan Swimming Pool (东单游泳馆)

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A2 Dahua Lu
Though slightly more expensive, this is the largest ‘natatorium’ (as they call it) in our selection, and has great facilities. It certainly proved clean and well managed: eagle-eyed employees watch your every move – albeit even in the changing rooms – to make sure that hygiene rules are upheld. A snack bar can even be found next to the pool, ever ready to reward your efforts. And while its opening hours do exclude early swimmers, you can at least beat the crowds with a late night dip.
Ten 50m lanes guarantee more than enough space for either a slow breaststroke or a vigorous crawl. It can be noisy, however, and sometimes a little crowded (despite its size), but this pool has some of the cleanest waters of the bunch, which justifies the higher entrance fee. Judge your times right and you shouldn’t have any trouble.

One of Beijing's best public swimming pools
Venue name: Dongdan Swimming Pool (东单游泳馆)
Opening hours: 10am-10pm daily
Admission: 50RMB
English address: A2 Dahua Lu, Dongcheng district
Chinese address: 东城区东单大华路甲2号