Beijing Waterworks Museum (北京自来水博物馆)

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3 Xiangheyuan Jie
Moisture is the essence of water, and water is the essence of one of Beijing’s most offbeat museum experiences. Formerly known, nay, famed as the Beijing Museum of Tap Water (in a city not exactly famed for the stuff), this place has in recent years moved home and upgraded, to become the more appropriately named Waterworks Museum. The museum shows off the history of the city’s underground piping systems and regional drought in a ritzier fashion than humankind has ever seen, with enough models, photos, diagrams, water meters and other instruments to bring out the latent civil engineer in anyone.

Don’t miss The entire wall dedicated to images of Xi Jinping inspecting Beijing tap water samples. Guessing that he didn’t drink it, though.
Estimated time One hour.
English provisions All in Chinese, except for a few headers.
Venue name: Beijing Waterworks Museum (北京自来水博物馆)
Opening hours: 9am-4pm Wed-Sun
Admission: 5RMB
English address: 3 Xiangheyuan Jie, Dongcheng district
Chinese address: 东城区香河园街3号
  • 4 out of 5 stars