Beijing Stone Carvings Art Museum (北京石刻艺术博物馆)

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24 Wutasicun
The pleasant canal walk to reach this place is a fitting start to what’s inside – a peaceful oasis, filled with all manner of stone works, including calligraphy tablets, impressive steles, statues and grand tombstones that date back as far as the Western Jin dynasty (265-420). There are also exhibitions explaining the history of the artform and its techniques, though perhaps most impressive is the dilapidated stone work of the fifteenth-century Zhenjue Temple that the museum is built around.

Don’t miss The intricate but worn Buddha carvings on the Zhenjue Temple’s exterior.
Estimated time 45 minutes.
English provisions English captions are decent, if not comprehensive.
Venue name: Beijing Stone Carvings Art Museum (北京石刻艺术博物馆)
Opening hours: 9am-4pm Tue-Sun
Admission: 20RMB
English address: 24 Wutasicun (near Beijing Zoo north gate), Haidian district
Chinese address: 海淀区五塔寺村24号(近北京动物园北门)
  • 4 out of 5 stars