China Tank Museum (中国坦克博物馆)

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Yangfang Zhen
For a place that glorifies heavy artillery, there is something surprisingly peaceful about the Tank Museum, owing to its setting near the surrounding Yanshan Mountains. Skip the sparse entrance building and stroll around the expansive courtyard with its 40-plus tanks – all with English-language signage. Most are Chinese-designed and were used in combat during the Korean and Vietnam wars. It’s definitely worth a visit, whether you love nothing more than a good tank or you’re just looking for some fresh air.

Don’t miss The central courtyard, filled with tanks a-plenty.
Estimated time Two hours.
English provisions Signage is good and fairly comprehensive.
Venue name: China Tank Museum (中国坦克博物馆)
Admission: 18RMB
English address: Yangfang Zhen Changping district
Chinese address: 昌平区阳坊镇
  • 4 out of 5 stars

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  • 4 out of 5 stars


Tue 27 Aug
Closed for some event until after National Day 2019. That was a long drive for nothing. 🤔