Nangong World Botanical Amusement Park 南宫五洲植物乐园

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Photo: Panpan Zhang
1 Nangong Nan Lu

The Nangong World Botanical Amusement Park boasts the largest parrot garden in Beijing, home to nearly a hundred varieties and thousands of beautiful parrots. These parrots will skillfully perform and stand upside down and sing, and families can purchase bird food to feed these little entertainers.

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The family-oriented parrot paradise is also a greenhouse with eight different venues with their own features for families to enjoy such as the Huaguoshan Paradise, Shuilian Cave Paradise, Coconut Grove Fishing Park and more. Children's parks are divided into three halls based on age, the smallest greenhouse also has a little sand area for children to play in.

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There is a fish-feeding area in the plant paradise and can be fed from the bottle. There are two sand areas: one that is free while the other is paid. It also contains miniature landscapes of various countries.

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There are a number of activities available for children but requires payment, including the naughty castle, mini driver's license, forest shuttle and more.

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The general temperature of the area is about 22 degrees, so for those not in a hurry enjoy the day in warmth.

Original reporting by Zhang Panpan

Venue name: Nangong World Botanical Amusement Park 南宫五洲植物乐园
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Sat-Sun 8.30am-5.30pm
Admission: 60RMB; free for kids under 1.2m
English address: 1 Nangong Nan Lu, Wangzuo Zhen, Fengtai district
Chinese address: 丰台区王佐镇南宫南路1号
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