Beijing Garden of World's Flowers (北京世界花卉大观园)

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Image: Zhang Panpan
Image: Zhang Panpan
Image: Zhang Panpan
Image: Zhang Panpan
235 Nansihuan Zhonglu
The Beijing Garden of World's Flowers (that's really the official name) is made up of greenhouses and garden squares that makes it feel like spring all year round.

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Make sure to check out the flower research laboratory, where visitors will find a variety of flowers and plants planted in small bottles. There is also a special tissue culture room in the museum. There are staff members who organise the flowers behind glass windows.

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Colourful and sweet-smelling flowers fill the boutique flower hall, while kids get to understand ecology on a deeper level at the vegetable orchard.

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The largest area of all is the Tropical Plants Museum. Here you can find hundred-year-old Buddha belly trees, double-yang wood, ancient banyan trees and more. There are also hundreds of cactus and prickly pears in the Shasheng Plants Museum. Some plants in the Flower Grand View Garden can also be purchased on site and is much cheaper than at flower shops. There are also several goldfish shops there where one can purchase both plants and goldfish at the same time.

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Venue name: Beijing Garden of World's Flowers (北京世界花卉大观园)
Opening hours: Open daily: Winter: 8am-5pm Spring and Autumn: 8am-5.30pm Summer: 8am-6pm
English address: 235 Nansihuan Zhonglu, Fengtai district
Chinese address: 丰台区南四环中路235号
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