Grand View Garden (大观园)

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Image: Chanilim714 via Wikimedia Commons
12 Nancaiyuan Jie

Located in the southwest crook of the Second Ring Road, Grand View Garden (Daguan Yuan) is a real-life reproduction of the fictional garden setting in Cao Xueqin’s Dream of the Red Chamber.

Dream of the Red Chamber is considered one of China’s Four Great Classical Novels and has its own line of study, called Redology, devoted to it. This full-sized replica was built in 1984 and features all the buildings and elements found in its literary inspiration.

Venue name: Grand View Garden (大观园)
Opening hours: Open 7.30am-5.30pm daily
English address: 12 Nancaiyuan Jie, Xuanwu district
Chinese address: 宣武区南菜园街12号 大观园
  • 4 out of 5 stars