Vineyard Shenglu/ Shenglu Heligan Garden 圣露海利根花园

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  • Things to Do
Photo: Cindy Marie Jenkins
471 Shunbai Lu, Hegezhuang Cun
For a short escape from the urban jungle of Beijing without venturing too far out from the city, head to the Sheng Lu Vineyard. Located at the border of Chaoyang and Shunyi district right outside Beijing's North Fifth Ring Road, the 480-acre vineyard is the largest winery closest to the city centre and provides a temporary respite for those who desire to be in the midst of nature even for a short while. The venue is also a popular event space, hosting weddings, fashion shows and exhibits. The chateau also has its own restaurant that offers food from its own farm and wine from its own vineyard using grapes that the chateau had developed in partnership with the China Agriculture Institute, called Bei Mei and Bei Hong that are exclusively sold at the vineyard. See what an afternoon at the vineyard is like here.

The entrance fee, (70RMB; 35RMB for adults over 60 and children 120-150cm; free for children under 120cm) gives guests access to the entire garden and is deductible from vegetable picking fees, dining fees (minimum 200RMB per entrance ticket) and wine purchases. There are a Chinese restaurant and a Western restaurant within the area. 70RMB entrance fee is waived for guests who are only dining at the Western restaurant.
Venue name: Vineyard Shenglu/ Shenglu Heligan Garden 圣露海利根花园
Opening hours: Restaurant is open from 11am-2pm; 5-9pm
Admission: 70RMB
Mobile: 186 9828 0091
English address: 471 Shunbai Lu, Hegezhuang Cun, Chaoyang district
Chinese address: 朝阳区顺白路471号
  • 4 out of 5 stars

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