Bayi Film Base

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Changqing Lu
Owned by the PLA, Bayi has been pumping out a steady stream of military propaganda since the ’50s, starting with the 1952 classic, and tellingly titled, From Victory to Victory. Key scenes from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2010), including the rooftop chase, were also shot here. 
Apart from Ming streets – an unspoken requirement for all sets – Bayi’s main draw is the war-torn WWII villages, trenches and vehicles found across various ‘battlefields’.  
Ask the right person nicely, and you might see the yard housing dozens of well-preserved Japanese, Soviet and US tanks, cannons and civilian vehicles dating from WWI to the 1970s. These include two 1955 Soviet saloons, which reportedly once chauffeured Mao around, and have been used in numerous biopics.On any day, there’ll be a military drama filming, with uniformed actors adding to the atmosphere (often mingling with real officers inspecting the set). Or you can play dress-up yourself: there’s even equipment  set aside for laser tag.

One of Beijing’s most interesting films sets
Venue name: Bayi Film Base
Opening hours: daily 8am-6pm
Admission: Entrance 10RMB; laser tag 160RMB (full day includi
Mobile: 156 5242 1065
Metro: Bus 831 from Tianqiao (near the Temple of Heaven)
English address: Changqing Lu, Wangzuo township, Fengtai district
Chinese address: 丰台区王佐镇长青路八一影视基地