Beijing Springboard International Bilingual School (SIBS)

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15 Huosha Lu

Springboard International Bilingual School (SIBS) has over 14 years of international educational experience, with 70 percent of the student body representing foreign nationalities. The school uses the American Common Core curriculum, employs American teachers, and is led by an American principal. The bilingual curriculum offers Chinese language and math programs, among which English ones are the major. The senior high school accepts both foreign and Chinese students. SIBS also uses the Chinese national curriculum, with graduates receiving a diploma authorized by the Chinese National Board of Education. Over the years, more than 10,000 students have graduated from SIBS; over 90 percent of graduates were accepted by top universities like Peking University and Tsinghua.

Age of students: from 3 to 18

Number of students: over 450

Education: Kindergarten; Primary and middle school; senior high school

Teaching language:

Major teaching language: English

Other language taught: Chinese

Admission details (2015-16 academic year):

Registration fee ( one-time): 1,600RMB

Kindergarten: 60,000RMB (ages 3-5); 80,000 (age 5-6). Requires one-time admission fee of RMB 10,000.

Primary and middle school: 120,000RMB Requires one-time admission fee of 20,000RMB

Senior high school: 100,000RMB

Transportation: 7,000-12,000RMB

Uniform: 1,500RMB

Lunch: 25RMB per day

Founding date: May 2000

The number of campus: 11,000sqm

School facilities: Multi-functional classrooms, open library, soccer field, basketball court, playground, auditorium, and gymnasium

Venue name: Beijing Springboard International Bilingual School (SIBS)
English address: Houshayu Town Gucheng Village 15 Huosha Lu Shunyi
Chinese address: 北京君诚国际双语学校
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