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Strong woman's hand takes a heavy dumbbell in gym from

19 Zhaowai Street

This venue has closed.

Ants Fitness opened in November 2012 and it soon attracted a flock of white-collar workers from nearby office buildings looking for a workout spot to kill lunch-break time and to avoid the afternoon rush hours. The pictures posted on the gym’s website significantly beautify the actual gym, as the windowless basement set-up makes it much dimmer, with a slight smell of rubber pervading in the room. However, it is a good place to seriously burn some calories. Treadmills and cross-training machines dominate the floor, with free weights and lifting machines at the other end of the room. A separate room is solely dedicated to cycles, while a 280 square-metre group-training studio runs a wide variety of classes from yoga to body combat Monday through Sunday. Outside of the noon-1pm and 6-7pm peak hours, the gym is relatively quiet. Even during the peak hours it’s guaranteed that you’ll have something to do. The staff members are friendly and helpful.

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Venue name: Ants Fitness (CLOSED)
Opening hours: 09.00am-10.00pm daily
English address: B1 Huapu Building, 19 Zhaowai Street, Chaoyang district
Chinese address: 朝阳区朝外大街19号
  • 4 out of 5 stars